Why haven't recieved my record yet?

That's most likely because your record was a preorder or purchased with a preorder. Preorders for new releasees generally ship in mid December.

Will I get my order before Christmas?

Yes, pending any sort of production delays. 

The record I want is sold out, are you going to repress?

Most likely, no, or at least not anytime soon. 

Do you ship internationally?

We're not set up to, but if you contact us directly we can figure out the shipping price and try to make it work.

Are you a tax exempt nonprofit?

Yes. 12/23 Records is an extension of The Nancy Langhorne Foundation a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that raises money for cancer research and screening. All donations to 12/23 Records go through NLF. Check out www.NancyLanghorneFoundation.com to  view our nonprofit status and tax returns.

Can I get my charitable donation back?

Sorry, all transactions are final. 

I want to do a release with you?

Hit us up. Lets talk.